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Membership Information

Running Calendar was started by Chris Hope in New Zealand in 2010 and Australia in 2012; in that time I've always been meaning to add a login function so you can save events etc, but never quite got around to doing it. But now, it's finally working! Login here.

Check out the features available for each level of login below. Note that your login works across both the NZ and Australian websites.

No login

  • comprehensive search function
  • viewing event listings
  • always free to use

Free login

  • login with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, WindowsLive, Yahoo)
  • mark events that you are going to or are interested in going to
  • follow an event page and get updates emailed to you when e.g. new dates are added, registration is open, etc
  • share your event list with other people
  • save searches
  • the above functions will always be free to use
  • Login here

Premium login

  • discounts to a number of running events in New Zealand & Australia
  • email you when new events are added that match your saved searches
  • location searching (e.g. search for events within 50km of a specific address)
  • display search results on a map, making it easier to see how close/far away they are from places
  • external calendar download, so you can import your calendar into e.g. Google Calendar
  • supports Running Calendar so I can continue to keep event listings up to date and seek out new events
  • saves you a heap of time searching for events for just NZ$35 or AU$34 per year
  • one price for both websites (NZ & Australia)
  • Premium sign up here & find out more about what we do at the Running Calendar here

Screencast of features

Watch a screencast some of the premium features available - the screencast shows the NZ website; an Australian version is coming soon. The features are the same for both versions of the website, and work for your login for both websites.

Event discounts

We have been working with event organisers to get discounts to running events in New Zealand and Australia for our premium members. Check out our current discounts here.