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Add event to the Running Calendar USA website

If you have an event which is not listed on the Running Calendar USA website then please use the form below to submit the details of your event.

Just a few notes first:

  1. Have you checked to see if your event is already on the website? We pro-actively add and update listings all the time and have several automated processes that run to alert us when new information about events becomes available.
  2. We don't list social events, e.g. club pack runs etc.
  3. We don't list medical conferences (we get a surprising number of these submitted each month).
  4. Listing events on the website is free.

Event details

Please complete all applicable fields. Name and email address are required. We will then create a listing and let you know when it has been done, and/or ask additional questions about your event.

If your event is on multiple dates, you don't need to submit this form multiple times; just put all the dates in the date or message field.